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CT, MR and CTA/MRA search patterns.<br /> 10 AVM Case Practice Sets
CT, CTA/MRA and MR search patterns.<br /> 10 practice sets.
Search pattern assist for: MR flair, diffusion, T1, T2, susceptibility, head CT.<br /> 15 practice cases.
Search pattern assist, with expert videos, for Head CT, CTA, MR T1 and T2, flair and susceptibility.<br /> 10 practice hemorrhage cases featuring multiple studies.
Search pattern assist guides covering Axial CT/MR, Sagittal non-contrast T1 &amp; MR flair.<br /> 12 practice cases.
Search pattern assist for Axial CT/MR, sagittal MR, flair, post-contrast head CT/MR, MR susceptibility &amp; diffusion. (6 search pattern guides).<br /> 12 case practice examples with various studies.
Gray scale and Doppler Ultrasonographic examination of the head, searching for intracranial bleeding.
Comprehensive guides to diagnostic search
Search pattern assistance for radiography or bone window CT, head CT, MR T-1, flair or T-2, susceptibility and diffusion (6 guides).<br /> 12 case practice examples.