Wisdom in Diagnostic Imaging

Wisdom is the knowledge and understanding to deliver a report/consultation that moves the medical decision making process forward with the confidence and precision of an expert, whether a study is normal or abnormal. This is what we teach.

We combine the new capacity to remotely deliver full sets of DICOM images with modern educational theory and self-evaluation techniques, to produce a dramatic quality shift in both training and real life work product.

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Interpretive, observational and communication errors are real, too frequent and might cause harm. Our training methods can reduce errors and positively influence outcomes.

Curriculum・Report Guides・Self Assessments

Competency-based training in diagnostic imaging, with a focus on critical care. Let an expert educator guide you through a process of self-discovery with actual cases in common, pivotal clinical imaging scenarios.

Emergent/Critical Care Simulation・Targeted Competency Evaluations

A complete critical care 8-hour shift simulator, identifying knowledge gaps that have been proven to cause observational and interpretive errors. Already a proven benefit in over 25 ACGME approved radiology programs.

Case Search・Accredited Evaluations

Searchable, scenario driven, case-based decision and workflow support with a subspecialty expert at your side “speaking” with you—real help with problem solving –well beyond that of bulleted text or internet searches. This is an aid for producing focused, highly relevant and accurate reports that will advance medical decision-making. Eligible for point of care CME.