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Incisural topography. Cerebral, posterior fossa and central brain herniation. IC hypotension. (5 videos)
Essential observations and grading practices. (2 videos)
Causes, imaging purposes and phases, aneurysm, AVM, venous thrombosis, delimited and non delimited, hypertensive, post ischemic (10 videos).
Overview of aneurysm, localization, complexities, vasospasm, non-saccular aneurysm.<br /> 5 videos.
AVM Stratification, dural AVF, non-shunting vascular formations, direct CNS &amp; high flow<br /> 4 videos
Basics: Central nervous system and cytotoxic immune response, inflammation, humoral immunity, meningitis imaging. (5 videos)<br /> <br /> Dx: Meningitis, leptomeningitis, pachymeningitis, cerebritis, viral infections, HIV &amp; immunoincompetence. (6 videos)