Whether you are remediating, pushing your skills set, or working on a time-sensitive case, WIDI can help you.

WIDI Features
Report Guides
Build Your Foundation

Our expert instructors' Report Guides with accompanying videos, will cover the full range of critical care and emergency room clinical scenarios. These are fact-based reasoning tools to learn the process of a comprehensive, disciplined and reproducible assessment of the full set of DICOM images, and not simply case-based approaches with bulleted learning points.

Self Assessments
Discover Your Knowledge Gaps

Self-Assessments are actual case tests, with immediate performance feedback, and can be used at all levels for knowledge and reasoning improvement.

Use Our Curriculum

The Curriculum program is a structured and detailed training plan. Use this for your study activity, and to address your knowledge gaps.

Emergent / Critical Care Simulations
We Assess Competency

Workshift SIMULATIONS are complete tests of 65 cases (including normals), up to 8-hours in duration, that provide detailed and reliable assessment of observational and interpretative performance across all critical care and emergency imaging sub-specialties.

Targeted Competency Evaluations
Assess Specialized Expertise

Our Targeted Competency Evaluations are tests of 20-40 cases that assess practice-based competencies for professionals who interpret imaging studies. You can order from our inventory of Targeted evaluations, or contact us to request a new specialization.

Neuro/ENT • ED Plain Film
Chest • Portable x-ray • Body TRAUMA - CT
Stroke Alert • Mammography

Case Search
Expert Decision Support

Case Search will provide a full library of emergency room and critical care cases for study, and for in-workflow point of care reference. Our full DICOM studies and explanatory videos allow you to experience the case with a "virtual" expert at your workstation. Eligible for Point of Care CME claims (coming soon).

Accredited Evaluations
Learn and Earn

Accredited Evaluations are case-based tests. Study on your own schedule, get the expert analysis, and earn CME credits at the same time.


Radiology Shift Simulator and Competency Evaluator

  • 65 cases, 8 hours, feedback reports to user and administrator
  • Review videos for each case

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  • 20-40 cases, depending on Topic
  • Competency results provided to users and administrators
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Radiology Learning Tools that work.

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  • Eligible for 15 AMAPRA Category 1 MQSA CME Credits
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