Wisdom in Diagnostic Imaging is a pathway to a lifelong pursuit of sustained, expert level professional performance. Experience matters. Critical care and emergency cases don't choose you based on your background and experience and patients need the best of your consulting skills.

Practicing Radiologists/Medical Professionals

WIDI Consult offers Case Search - knowledge-packed series of fully reviewed cases.

A subspecialty educator assists your problem solving by taking a (matching) case in a 2-4 minute video and providing an illustrative report.

Pull Up Case Studies in a Hurry

WIDI is engineered for precision and speed. Identify difficult or rare findings quickly.

Our search and analysis features allow you to find the fact pattern needed for optimal evaluation and reporting/consulting, fast. This attention to the complete scenario in clinical context and necessary elements for the report will add to the confidence of the provider in your true positive or negative report.

WIDI Consult will include CME-eligible Accredited Evaluation sets. These are self-assessment tools that let you practice a scenario with typical and challenging cases. Make your own assessment by viewing the DICOM images, and then compare with our expert review, including quick explanatory videos. This "Deliberate Practice" tool will help you acquire and maintain an expert level of performance through lifelong learning.

Access to WIDI Consult includes full access to WIDI Learn content. Here we house complete report guides for various scenarios, with problem-focused educational videos. If you are working in less familiar area, you can use our Report Guides to orient yourself, and ensure that you are approaching the analysis of the imaging study in its clinical context correctly and completely.

Institutions and Businesses

Assess your staff competence

When it comes to service quality and safety, we change the game.

Your staff are your business. Ensure they have the best skills and knowledge to work with critical care and emergency imaging as well as other areas of focused imaging care in a competency-based educational model.

Our systems will Train and Test your staff, and provide you with a complete overview of performance in keeping with the best applications of competency-based education and evaluation. Suitable for radiologists, residents, ER staff, and any healthcare provider who must interpret diagnostic imaging as part of their clinical decision-making process.

Residents and Fellows


Use our Curriculum to support a systematic education in critical care and emergency imaging as well as other areas of focused imaging consultation.

WIDI Learn will be your personal assistant as you establish and fill in gaps to round out your knowledge. It's a flexible learning environment that lets you choose your own path in a competency-focused education system.

Background information and videos from some of the leading sub-specialty educators in the global imaging community, applying modern educational methods, will fully prepare you for the challenges ahead.

Report Guides

2 to 4 minute videos accompany each clinical scenario, placing a sub-specialty educator at your side.

Report Guides give you a method for addressing different clinical scenarios and producing a report/consultation work-product that will convince referring providers you have an adequate depth of knowledge for the clinical problem at hand.


Individual findings are the substrate for an accurate report.

Sample images are provided for each assessment necessary to arrive at an accurate report, helpful to medical decision-making.

Assess Yourself

Arrive at true professional competency by way of a self-discovery process in a given scenario.

Self-Assessments, with full DICOM image sets, let you self-assess your knowledge and progress. Compare your observations, problem synthesis and final reports with those of the sub-specialty educator.