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WIDI Critical Care is a web application for medical imaging professionals and residents. Refine your diagnostic and report writing skills. Improve your abilities to identify both positive and negative findings.

Why is WIDI so effective?

Information is a commodity; effective education and training leads beyond information to insight. Our goal is insight.

Anthony Mancuso, MD and Chairman, UF Dept. of Radiology

WIDI is a unique radiology teaching and consultation tool that mirrors the way in which radiologists actually perform their work. WIDI doesn't just provide the important facts. WIDI helps users function effectively in the radiology decision-making environment.

As a consultation tool, WIDI supplements the users' knowledge of findings and impressions for uncommon or difficult cases, all with amazing short videos, fully interactive case studies, and report write-ups from leading practitioners.

As a training tool, WIDI offers full overviews of proper approaches to image review, and a simple self-assessment tool, so that learners can assess their own competencies and areas for improvement.

All of our content is easily searchable, so you can find the most useful cases quickly, and you can move ahead to detailed analysis, or back to general principles, seamlessly.

WIDI Critical Care provideslifelong learning

From first year residents to experienced radiologists


Anthony A. Mancuso, MD

Dr. Mancuso graduated from the University of Miami School of Medicine in 1973 and completed a Residency and fellowship training in Diagnostic Radiology, including 2 years of subspecialty Neuroradiology training, at UCLA Health. He joined the faculty at UCLA Health where he was fortunate to have a founding member of organized neuroradiology in the United States, Dr. William Hanafee, as his friend and lifelong mentor. Dr. Mancuso owes much of the professional development in his career to Dr. Hanafee both with regard to his dedication to development of effective educational methodology and a devotion to discovery of practices that make a positive impact on patient care. He is a Past President of the American Society of Head and Neck Radiology and Senior Member of the American Society of Neuroradiology.

In 1983, Dr. Mancuso joined the faculty at the UF Health to direct the development of the MRI clinical and clinical research program. In 2000, he became Chairman of the Department of Radiology and remains in that position currently. He is also the President of the Florida Clinical Practice Association at UF Health.

Dr. Mancuso is an acknowledged international expert in the area of ENT radiology having been recognized for his achievements by Gold Medals from the American and European Societies of Head and Neck Radiology and a Presidential Citation from the American Society of Head and Neck chirurgery. He has over 170 refereed publications most in the area of Head and Neck Radiology, and has written several books, most recently, a comprehensive 3 volume text covering the clinical practice of head and neck imaging.

Dr. Mancuso's current research interests have been in developing novel methodologies for radiology education, exploiting foundational and modern learning techniques and merging those techniques with IT tools that make personalized, asynchronous delivery of an effective Radiology curriculum finally possible. His clinical research interest is now focused on the development of advanced brain MRI utilizing DTI and fMRI for the evaluation of traumatic brain injury and a wide range of neuropsychiatric disorders.